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Charles Farrior Solutions believes in making a difference in people and companies and how they think about the future and execute their passion.  That is accomplished by providing customer solutions based on 25+ years of multi-organizational and multi-Service experience in solving complex business operations, contracting, and program management problems using critical thinking, organizational, and business analysis, process innovation and lean, systems engineering, quality management, talent management, budget management,  workload modeling, leadership strategies, partnership principles, human resource costing, and the view that business challenges are opportunities and there is always a way and a solution.  This concept integrates the belief that communication, respect, and relationships are foundational to any success, and that you should Never, Ever Settle for how things have always been done yesterday, last year, or last Century - at face value.



Some call it Vision.  I call it Passion.  It is a passion to make a difference.

  1. Establish relationships with those you meet in business and the community. Show by actions that communication, respect, and relationships are absolute foundational elements in long-term business success.  (PEOPLE)
  1. Execute mission. Provide business solutions for clients so they will Never, Ever Have to Settle.  (MISSION)
  1. Everything is built on communication. With no communication, there is no relationship and there is no respect – and no solutions.  (COMMUNICATION)


3.6 Leadership Book, Published 2018



Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM) – NCMA

Certification of Executive Leadership – Cornell

Army Senior Service College Fellowship Program – Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

Leadership Development Program – Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

Program Management DAWIA L III Certified – Army

Contracting DAWIA L III Certified – Navy

ISO 9000 Registered Internal Quality Auditing – IQA

Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experience – DAU/CCL

NCMA Fellow

Developing Executive Leadership – American Management Association

Appointment to the 2000 state-level Baldrige Quality Award Board of Examiners


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If you would like assistance in solving your business challenges, please contact me at charlesfarrior@charlesfarriorsolutions.com